meet the af200

a flying crane tailored for wind turbine maintenance

With the AF200 Flying Crane, Airflight will revolutionize the wind industry. Performing heavy-lift hoisting operations does not need to compromise economic or environmental sustainability. On the contrary, this completely electric flying crane offers efficient transportation and operation with fast set-up and take-down in both onshore and offshore environments. To assist its pilot, the AF200 is equipped with automatic take-off and landing features, pre-programmable flight paths, and sophisticated collision avoidance systems - among other autonomous features. The AF200 is the most precise Flying Crane available due to its autonomous flight capabilities along with Airflight’s proprietary pick-and-place payload system.

30 km


200 kg


100 %


Flying crane

Fly. Deliver. Repeat.
Everything Within Reach.

engineered for efficient missions

packed with features that ensure fast and safe operations

Flying Cranes
making wind turbine maintenance

10 MIN.

The drone can be set up in
as little as 10 min,
with as few as 2 operators


8 swappable batteries.
Flight time of up to 20 minutes depending on payload.

proprietary payload system

3-way actuated payload system
for increased stability.
Max. standard payload dimensions:
2000 x 1330 x 729 mm
(can be customized to specs)

90 KM/H

Cruise speed: 45 km/h
Max. altitude: 600m (limited)

Operations in -5°C to +45°C

Operable in a temperature range of -5°C to +45°C (23°F to 113°F)


Performs operations in wind speeds up to 15m/s and light rain. Not compatible with snow and heavy rain. Still airworthy in higher wind speeds

Flight Termination System

Emergency flight termination system in place for maximum operational safety

SELF-BUOYANT Construction

Offshore models are designed to float for easy retrieval in case of a water landing. Never lose your flying crane at sea.

Integrated parachute

Parachute in case of emergency. Deploys automatically or manually via the Ground Control Station (15 m minimum height of rescue with ballistic ejection)

Control everything

The Ground Control Station (GCS) is a portable control station that controls the flying crane while it operates. Enclosed in a waterproof Pelican™ case the station provides all the necessary controls and flight data for the pilot and the co-pilot. The GCS is also equipped with our flight termination system, i.e. , the possibility to emergency stop the motors and deploy the parachute to bring the flying crane and the payload to the ground in a safe and controlled decent.

Co-Pilot’s User Interface

We developed proprietary software to manage the AF200. The “co-pilot” receives sensor information as well as estimates for the individual battery consumption of avionics, propulsion, pay-load and safety systems. The information is conveyed via simple and clear, real-time displays and shows direction on a map.

Pilot’s User Interface

The Pilot’s UI display is adapted to prioritize the data that is most relevant to operate the AF200. Visuals show the battery level, altitude, velocity, and direction of the flying crane to enable the pilot to maintain an operational overview and quickly react to any situation, such as sudden unfavorable weather conditions.

Pilot training

After 4-6 weeks of training, your company can have its own pilot and co-pilot ready to operate the AF200. If you can’t wait, we have partners ready for your service.

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