About Airflight

We are a team of passionate dreamers with experience and knowledge in a variety of fields, working together to make our dream of personal aviation a reality.

Mikkel Kærsgaard Sørensen
Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical and manufacturing specialist
  • 10 years mechanical working experience
  • Founded DIC Group ApS at 22 years old
Mikkel Bundgaard
Electrical Engineering
  • Professional Bachelor in Marine and Automation  Engineering,
  • MARTEC – Maritime and Polytechnic college
Travis James Mathers
Business Development
  • MSc. Entrepreneurial Engineering, Aalborg University
  • Assistant Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Kasper Fuglsang Christensen
Software Engineering
  • BSc. Software Engineering,  Aalborg University
  • 9 years software development experience

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